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Filament Tape 18mm -72mm / Cross / Line

Filament Tape 18mm -72mm / Cross / Line
Filament Tape 18mm -72mm / Cross / Line


Filament Tape 18mm -72mm / Cross / Line

Quantity: 4000

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Filament Tape is made of a durable polypropylene film (PP) reinforced with fiberglass filaments as carrier material which single coated with rubber adhesive of high tensile strength. It is divided into various of categories including mono filament, rough filament, compact filament and cross filament which also known as bi-directional filament. Due to pressure sensitive properties, Filament Tape plays an effective role for both weak load and heavy-duty applications.


-Superior tensile strength with excellent anti-breaking properties
-Waterproof, superior resistance against grease and chemical corrosion
-Unique tackiness and excellent adhesion ability for a wide range of application surfaces
-Weather resistance due to fine structured fiberglass filaments which have strong strength

Customization size is available! Please let us if you needed for more details. 

TYPE: Cross / Line

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